April 30, 2012


Photography by Bruno Daddi

Levi's jacket, Alternative Apparel tank, Uniqlo jeans, Seychelles sandals, American Apparel clutch, Gap hat, H&M necklace, Marc Jacobs watch, thrifted silver rings

A little denim on denim.  A little neon.  A cuff here and there.
That's mostly what I've been wearing the past few weeks.

And this clutch has been one of my favorite pieces lately.  It feels very liberating to not have a bag on my shoulder.  And you'd be very surprised at how much it can hold.

April 25, 2012

Spotted v2.0

Photography by Bruno Daddi

[blank nyc] jeans (via Madewell), Uniqlo shirt, Forever 21 jacket, Crown Vintage boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Marc Jacobs watch, Givenchy earrings, thrifted rings
If you haven't noticed- I've been into polka dots (& spots...& studs) lately.  See my previous posts: SpottedDays go by...
I'm wearing my brand new polka dot jeans from Madewell.  For some reason I've never tried the denim at Madewell... but I tried a bunch this weekend and I'm in love!  The fit is absolutely perfect & they are extremely comfortable & stretchy.  I had a very hard time picking just one pair (I'm still on a bit of a budget).
And if you are a student you can get a 15% discount in stores & online (SCORE!).


April 21, 2012


 Photography by Bruno Daddi

Zara blouse, Max Studio shorts, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, Sam Edelman flats, Marc Jacobs watch, Kate Spade "Supercalifragilipstick" necklace, H&M Earrings, Forever 21 ring

Today was such a gorgeous day.  Warm, but not muggy & humid as it can often be in NYC springs/summers.  So I opted for an extremely comfortable/casual look with a pair of slouchy paperbag shorts & a loose fitting blouse.  

I didn't originally intend for the look to be safari-esque...but it seem's like that's how it turned out.  A happy accident I guess.


April 18, 2012

With A Twist (& Shout)

If I could describe my personal style in just a few words it would be--
classic, with a twist

Photography by Bruno Daddi

Levi's jacket, Forever 21 tshirt, Forever 21 jeans, Crown Vintage boots, American Apparel clutch, Marc Jacobs watch, Free People sunglasses, Murano glass necklace, J. Fay Earrings, Beacon's Closet music note earring, thrifted silver rings, Murano glass ring (the green one)

A bit of a simple outfit, I know.  But there are little surprises at every corner.  Like the netted back on my shirt, the yellow zipper on my clutch, the slightly too short skinny jeans, and the teeny tiny music note earring (which I never take out because it's just too perfect).

And here's me having a bit of a "Cousin It" moment with the train blowing my hair all over the place:


April 16, 2012

Days go by...



Seeing Spots
(thrifted wrap dress + Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair bag)

My Bauble Bar
(I still haven't found a nice, big jewelry box to hold them all so I have a bunch of small ones scattered throughout my room)

I already started my "tax return shopping spree"...& I haven't even gotten the money yet!

Intertwined cuddlers. (I love coming home to these guys every day)

Gerbera Daisy bouquet + my room in the background

Hamburger Mac-N-Cheese + a bottle of wine + good friends = best dinner ever!
(it tastes MUCH better than it looks... trust me)

I know I'm a little late but... I just started using Instagram.  And I'm addicted!

If anyone else is on there find me @HudsonEast
& let me know yours too!

April 12, 2012

Coachella Dreaming

Coachella Dreaming

I haven't been able to stop thinking about Coachella lately.  I've been daydreaming at work, on the subway, everywhere really...
I wish I was going this weekend (or next) but tickets sold out before I could get my hands on them.  If I were going though... this is what I would be wearing.

 I've been to Coachella once before and here are a few pointers on what to wear and carry with you:

- Be comfortable and dress for the Cali dessert (shorts, tank tops, flat sandals, sunglasses)
- Wear inexpensive items that you wont mind getting a bit dirty (you'll be walking on grass/dirt all day and when people start dancing the dirt will kick up and get everywhere)
- Don't carry a big bag.  If possible- don't carry a bag at all.  Stuff your pockets/small sling bag with just the bare essentials (cell, cash, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, tissues/napkins)
- If you have time... collect & pack a few bottle caps (different sizes too) from plastic bottles because the vendors will often throw out the bottle caps from drinks they sell you (in order to keep you coming back for more).

 And most importantly-- have fun & dance the weekend away.


April 10, 2012

Fruit Salad

Photography by Bruno Daddi

Vintage dress (my mother's), H&M leather jacket, vintage Coach 'court' bag, Seychelles shoes, Marc Jacobs watch, H&M pineapple necklace, thrifted sunglasses, J. Fay earrings

Over Easter weekend I found this gorgeous melon colored dress at my parent's house.  I'm guessing my mom wore it back in the late '70s.  The color and midi length were right on trend for spring, and it fit me perfectly.

It was a bit of a windy day so it probably wasn't the greatest time to wear it, but I was too excited about it to wait any longer.

And I'll leave you with my unavoidable Marilyn moment:

April 4, 2012

Gum Drops

Photography by Bruno Daddi

H&M top, United Colors of Benetton pants, Levi's jacket, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dolce Vita sandals, Marc Jacobs watch, Murano glass ring, J. Fay earrings

Not an ounce of black in my outfit today.  I'm tired of winter's drab/muted colors so I'm wearing color head to toe.

A good pair of platform sandals has been on my wishlist for a while.... and I just found this neutral DV pair at DSW over the weekend.

P.S. - This outfit is getting lots of votes/favorites on Chictopia (click here).
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